Money & Taxes can feel overwhelming


It's time to simplify your money matters and conquer those tax fears once and for all!


"The Actor's Guide to Smart Taxes" breaks down complex tax & finance concepts into "real people language" so you can take action to confidently manage the business side of your acting career.


  • You're not sure where to start or what exactly you should be tracking

  • You're confused about if you need to incorporate (and what that actually means)

  • You've heard others talk about GST/HST but aren't clear if you need to be charging it or how to set it up

  • You've heard about tax deductions from other actors, but aren't sure how to do it or what to claim

  • You feel overwhelmed every year at tax time, and are nervous about having a big tax bill to pay



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I'm Jen!

Actor, Business Strategist & Online Educator


I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is a big nerd for building businesses... and having fun while doing it!


I spent over a decade as a professional entertainer, working on stages across the world, before turning my focus towards arts administration & management.


In 2019, I launched the first "Smart Taxes" book (the first of its kind in Canada), helping creative professionals navigate the business demands of a career in the arts.


Talking about taxes can be overwhelming and scary for many actors, so I broke it all down in "real people" language, with real-life examples and useful tools like worksheets, my fave apps, and an exclusive online resource page. 


This is the training I *WISH* I'd had in theatre school!


These days, I'd rather spend LESS time worrying about money and more time building a career I love- who's with me?!


What You'll Learn:

  • Income- ways to track it and how to report it

  • Expenses- what is a business expense for an actor, and how do you claim it?

  • GST/HST - do you need to charge it and how do your report it? (And the little known tip that can save you $$)

  • Specialty Tools to sort, track & store your business receipts

  • Save on Taxes by taking advantage of lesser-known tax deductions

  • Canadian-Specific information and most recent tax updates

  • Customized Spreadsheet Templates & useful online tools + apps

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The "Smart Taxes" series is the ultimate resource to navigating self-employment taxes as a creative professional.


Newly updated, these guides break down complex tax & finance topics so you can immediately apply them to your career.


Oh- and did we mention they're 100% CANADIAN? So you know you're getting information that's actually useful to YOU!



The Musician's Guide to Smart Taxes

Money & Taxes for Canadian Crafters and Makers (2021)

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