Money & Taxes can feel overwhelming...

but they don't have to be!

Etsy Seller?

Shopify Retailer?

Selling on Amazon?

Course Creator?




Taxes in Canada can be complex & missing these common deductions can mean big $$$ at tax time.


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When people ask me, "How do I save on my taxes?!",

my #1 response is:


Are you maximizing your business deductions?


Here's why:


Eligible business expenses (deductions) REDUCE your "Net Taxable Income" as an online seller in Canada.


Income - Expenses = Net Taxable Income

Lower taxable income = less taxes owing

Less taxes owing = happiness


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Hi, I'm Jen!

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is a big nerd for building businesses... and having fun while doing it!


I get that being the boss can feel overwhelming- but it doesn't have to be!


In my own business, I work with my clients on ways to streamline their operations & spend LESS time on things like accounting & budgeting.


Let's face it: no one starts a business because they're suuuper excited about paying taxes! 😂


But, it *is* a necessary skill to help you make empowered, educated decisions in your business.


And that starts today.

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