Taxes can seem overwhelming...but they don't have to be!

From Frustrated to Filed...

Our mission: take complex tax & finance topics and break them down into clear, actionable steps to help you simplify your taxes!

  • Success Foundations: learn tried-and-true hacks for organization, software recommendations & how to set up a system for future success!

  • Income Tracking: the easiest ways to track your self-employed income (and still make sure you're following mandatory CRA requirements)

  • Recording Expenses: what categories to use for easy tax-time reporting & unique automation tools to save you time

  • The BIGGEST mistakes that cost self-employed entrepreneurs big $$ and how to avoid them!

  • Working with Accountants: how to find a good accountant when you need one & how to simplify the year-end tax process

  • Tax Software: what to look for in great tax filing software, and how you can get started for FREE!

  • BONUS: Tax Time Spreadsheet Bundle Make time reporting a breeze with these customized, easy-to-use templates that you can use year-after-year


Hi, I'm Jen!

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is a big nerd for building businesses... and having fun while doing it!


I get that money & taxes can feel overwhelming- but it doesn't have to be!


In my own bookkeeping & tax practice, I work with my clients on ways to streamline their operations & spend LESS time on their books and MORE time growing their business.


I've taught this system in classrooms all over the country, through my best-selling book series "Smart Taxes", and am SO excited to finally be able to offer it 100% online for on-demand learning.


If you're ready to confidently master the tax basics for your small business, 


Okay, tell me more...

This course is for you if:

  • You are a self-employed/small business entrepreneur but are unsure what you need to be doing to prepare for tax time

  • You'd like to have better control over your business finances and understand how to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket

  • You need a better system to keep you organized and on-track with your finances

  • You've used an accountant in the past but are frustrated because it's still not clear what your should be doing to manage your taxes & money

  • You are nervous you're doing it all WRONG and know that can mean big $$$ at tax time

This course is NOT about stuffy, mind-numbing spreadsheets.


It's about creating a money system that works for YOU- your style of learning, your schedule, and your specific business needs.


Jennifer Long, CEO/Course Creator

Jen is really good at making tax and corporate jargon easy to understand and interpret, in a warm and creative way that makes you feel really comfortable! 

Kale P.

Musician & Performer

You will NOT regret working with Jen! Whether you have a simple business question, or need help tackling a major project, she will be with you EVERY step of the way to ensure your success. She's the real deal!

Sarah J. 


Jen has such a great way of making things so user friendly to everyone. She is approachable and never missed a beat.  I definitely don't feel as overwhelmed as I have felt about tackling my taxes. 


Workshop Attendee




    Easy-to-use spreadsheet bundle to simplify & streamline your finances


    Members will have full course access to all materials for an entire year


    Complimentary access to the 2021 sold-out "Sales Taxes in Canada" Bootcamp

From frustrated to filed tax course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • 1. How do I access the course?

    Once enrolled, you'll receive a unique login to your online student portal where you'll find all training videos, resources & the Bonus Spreadsheet Bundle. Early Bird Access begins April 12.

  • 2. Will this course help me with my personal deductions, child tax credits, investments, dividends, etc?

    Tax profiles can vary greatly from person-to-person. To get the most out of this course experience, we focus solely on self-employment taxes in Canada, and spend our time breaking down those complex tax topics related to being an entrepreneur. If you have other tax scenarios you'd like to learn about, I would suggest looking locally for a trainer, contacting the CRA directly, or working with an accountant to guide you through those situations unique to your profile.

  • 3. Hey- aren't you The Corporate Canuck? Is this course just for Canadian Businesses? 

    Well, shucks- you recognized me! Yes, I do run a company called The Corporate Canuck (pop on over to YouTube if you'd like to see more of what I do), with a current bookkeeping practice based in Vancouver, Canada. Tax law will vary by country, and this particular course is designed for Canadian entrepreneurs.

  • 4. What if I don't like the course?

    These are words I hope I never have to hear...but I know it can happen. Please reach out to me and see if I can provide what you feel is missing (Often it's simply a topic/unit that's coming up a bit later in the course). It's a good idea to review what's included before purchasing, and reach out if you have any questions before signing up- always happy to connect!

  • 5. What other courses do you teach?

    Teaching is my LIFE! I love sharing my diverse skill set with others, and teach on all things money, marketing & Entrepreneurial mindset. If you'd like to take a sneak peek at future offerings, click HERE.

  • 6. I still have questions- can I message you?

    Yup- you bet! Click "Contact" at the bottom of this page and let's connect.

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