Finance Bootcamp

for Online Sellers



Finance Bootcamp for Online Sellers

Our mission: take complex tax & finance topics and break them down into clear, actionable steps to help you run your business!

  • Success Foundations: learn tried-and-true hacks for organization, software recommendations & how to SAVE TIME by streamlining your financials

  • Selling Systems: proven tools for selling online (and tips to get paid FASTER!)

  • Setting up Sales Taxes: make sure you're set up CORRECTLY to track & report mandatory sales taxes

  • Working with Accountants: how to find a good accountant when you need one & how to simplify the year-end tax process

  • Recording Expenses: what categories to use for easy tax-time reporting & unique automation tools to save you time

  • Money Mindset: Identify barriers that are holding you back in your business, and learn creative ways to move past them

  • Accounting Systems: what to look for in great bookkeeping software, and how you can get started for FREE!

  • BONUS MODULE: "From Frustrated to Filed" Year-End Tax Workshop (Value $197)


Hi, I'm Jen!

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is a big nerd for building businesses... and having fun while doing it!


I get that money & taxes can feel overwhelming- but it doesn't have to be!


In my own bookkeeping & tax practice, I work with my clients on ways to streamline their operations & spend LESS time on their books and MORE time growing their business.


I've taught this system in classrooms all over the world, and am SO excited to finally be able to offer it 100% online for on-demand learning.


Learn Bookkeeping on a Beach in Bali? Cram in a lesson in between soccer practice and dance recitals? Grow your business foundations in your pjs?



Okay, tell me more...

This course is for you if:

  • You're a new online seller and feeling overwhelmed about what you actually NEED to be doing to manage your money & accounting

  • You've got your e-commerce store up and running BUT are looking for better ways to streamline your bookkeeping, make sure you're doing it "right", and spend LESS time on your books every month.

  • You're feeling overwhelmed trying to choose the best online tools without breaking the bank

  • You are nervous you're doing it all WRONG and know that can mean big $$$ at tax time

This course is NOT about stuffy, mind-numbing spreadsheets.


It's about creating a money system that works for YOU- your style of learning, your schedule, and your specific business needs.


Jennifer Long, CEO/Course Creator

Beta Course Launch Info

Course Access begins March 14

Jen is really good at making tax and corporate jargon easy to understand and interpret, in a warm and creative way that makes you feel really comfortable! 

Kale P.

Musician & Performer

You will NOT regret working with Jen! Whether you have a simple business question, or need help tackling a major project, she will be with you EVERY step of the way to ensure your success. She's the real deal!

Sarah J. 


Jennifer really brought a unique set of skills that most people do not have. Since day one the whole organization has knick-named her "The Unicorn"! 

Carla C.

CEO, Army of Sass International

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • 1. What does "Beta Course" mean?

    Although I've offered these units individually before, this is the first time they're available as one united online course! I want to start with a small group to make sure the course flow works & be able to adapt quickly to your feedback. This is the ONLY time I'll be offering this course at this price and with this many direct contact hours. It's a win-win: I get great feedback for future programming and you get high-value training at an incredible discount.

  • 2. What if I can't do 2 lessons a week?

    This course is designed with busy humans in mind. I get it- you're launching/running a business, managing family, managing LIFE. Once our course begins, you'll receive 2 units a week which you'll have access to for the full course duration. Schedule them in weekly or go "bootcamp-style" and power through it all in weekend. (For that: I recommend alllllll the COFFEE! :) You'll have access to ALL units for a full year- come back for a refresher, re-visit when you have specific questions... this essential "toolbox" is always there for you!

  • 3. Hey- aren't you The Corporate Canuck? Is this course just for Canadian Businesses? 

    Well, shucks- you recognized me! Yes, I do run a company called The Corporate Canuck (pop on over to YouTube if you'd like to see more of what I do), with a current bookkeeping practice based in Vancouver, Canada BUT this course is designed so that ANYONE can learn the essentials, regardless of where you operate.  

  • 4. What if I don't like the course?

    These are words I hope I never have to hear...but I know it can happen. Step 1: reach out to me and see if I can provide what you feel is missing (Often it's simply a topic/unit that's coming up a bit later in the course). If, after completing the first two modules, you don’t get value or feel we’ve delivered on our promise, please contact us to request a refund link (within the first 10 days of the course). It's a good idea to review what's included before purchasing, and reach out if you have any questions before signing up- always happy to connect!

  • 5. What other courses do you teach?

    Teaching is my LIFE! I love sharing my diverse skill set with others, and teach on all things money, marketing & Entrepreneurial mindset. If you'd like to take a sneak peek at future offerings, click HERE.

  • 6. I still have questions- can I message you?

    Yup- you bet! Click "Contact" at the bottom of this page and let's connect.

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