Hot Topics We'll Cover In This 2-Hour Masterclass...

  • Income Tracking

    The easiest ways to track your self-employed income (and still make sure you're following mandatory CRA requirements)

  • Business Expenses

    What categories to use for easy tax-time reporting + commonly missed deductions & credits

  • Best tools for tracking & reporting

    Top automation tools to simplify your finance tracking

  • Handling Inventory

    Accounting standards for managing & selling inventory (most online sellers get this WRONG)

  • Brutal tax mistakes that online sellers make¬†$$

    How to avoid costly errors & penalties 

  • Optional: Tax Time Spreadsheet Bundle

    Make time reporting a breeze with these customized, easy-to-use templates that you can use year-after-year


Jennifer Long

Business Strategist & Online Educator

I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is a big nerd for building businesses... and having fun while doing it!


In my bookkeeping & tax business, I work with my clients on ways to streamline their finances & spend LESS time on things like accounting & paperwork.


I know that being the boss can feel overwhelming- but it doesn't have to be!



For Online Sellers

Master the basics of accounting for your online sales business (Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, Squarespace, etc) and make 2021 your year to get ahead with your finances!

  • Instant Access¬†to the "Accounting 101 for Online Sellers" Masterclass Training (2 hours)

  • VIP COURSE OPTION¬†includes Masterclass Training and Accounting 101 Spreadsheet Bundle (Income Tracker, Expense Tracking, GST/HST options + Inventory Worksheet)

  • Full Year Access¬†revisit the Masterclass at any point for the next year (including any updates and add-ons)

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Jen is really good at making tax and corporate jargon easy to understand and interpret, in a warm and creative way that makes you feel really comfortable! 

Kale P.

Educator & Performer

You were incredibly clear and insightful. Thank you for making this daunting task seem more manageable.

Workshop Attendee

You will NOT regret working with Jen! Whether you have a simple business question, or need help tackling a major project, she will be with you EVERY step of the way to ensure your success. She's the real deal!

Sarah J.


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